Careers Information and Guidance on the Web


This site has been developed as an example for the supply of information and professional advice, at a distance, on careers guidance, both for those who connect from home, and as a support to existing public careers information and guidance services. See in detail:

1. The objectives and the structure of the site
2. How to use the Internet to obtain careers information and guidance
3. How to improve websites

The project was developed during the period 1998-2000 by Leonardo Evangelista, an Italian freelance careers adviser, with the support of the Careers Guidance Service of the District of Florence, Italy, and the European Union’s Information Society Project Office. See in detail:

4. A presentation on the work of Leonardo Evangelista

The various pages of the site have been updated to January or August 2000, and therefore some of the links and subject matter may no longer be current.

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