Guida ai finanziamenti per il settore turismo

Guida ai finanziamenti per il settore turismo


Why this specific guide and why now

This guide has been prepared for various reasons, starting with the strategic importance of tourism for the EU. As the third largest EU economic sector, tourism has indeed a wide-ranging impact on economic growth, employment and social development.1 Its importance is acknowledged by the Treaty on the functioning of the EU, which requires the Union to support, complement and coordinate Member States’ action in this field (TFEU art. 195).
A specific guide was also necessary because of the diversity of the tourism sector’s needs and the range of EU thematic programmes that can, by consequence, support it. Made of many different players with different needs2, the sector got support from various programmes over time (see correspondence table below). Thanks to continuous simplification efforts, gathering and digesting information about many programmes is progressively easier, but remains a challenge for hard-pressed private and public entities promoting tourism destinations or developing tourism services.
Why now? With the adoption of the EU Multi-Annual Financial Framework (MFF) for 2014-2020, new programmes are phased in while old programmes are phased out. The new MFF brings simplification at various levels: merger of EU funding programmes for easier access to information, harmonisation of application procedures, … It also introduced the possibility to support new types of actions focusing for instance on smart specialisation. This guide reviews these continuities and novelties.
The guide will be periodically revised to provide more recent examples of funded actions and updated information on the new programmes. Conceived as an entry point to specialised websites, this guide contains many internet links. Some of these links are fairly long and cryptic. Most of them have therefore been inserted as hyperlinks. This is why this guide is only available in electronic form. Feedback on the guide and suggestions on possible improvements may be sent to

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